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Mary - CopyMany patients experience continued tooth decay into adulthood.  Crowns are needed to replace large fillings that break and get more decay.   After a root canal done through the crown, continued decay requires tooth removal.  This is a common case scenario for some patients who are genetically predisposed to cavities; and others who were not raised with fluoride in their drinking water.   A dental implant replaces the lost tooth without the need to grind down two good teeth for a bridge; and the best news is that implants do not get cavities!

dental implant in ClevelandIn this case a lower first molar with a root canal and crown had continued decay and could not be treated.  This is a key tooth for chewing.  A single dental implant was able to restore natural function and prevent tooth drifting and changes in the bite.   Below is the patient restored to normal function with a beautiful crown.

 dental implant in Cleveland 2