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teeth-fpoPeriodontal disease, sometimes called pyorrhea or gingivitis is a serious infection that left untreated can lead to the loss of teeth. Dr. Karp is a specialist in treating gum diseases, having completed two years of advanced training after dental school and receiving a Masters of Science in Dentistry and a certificate in Periodontics from the Case School of Dental Medicine. Periodontal disease can affect your general health and there are associations with respiratory problems, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Treatment can benefit your overall health and well being.

Periodontal therapy has made tremendous advances over the years with the development of many new products and techniques. Our practice continues to evolve and incorporate these advances to give our patients the best opportunity to stop gum disease, repair and replace lost structures, and to keep their teeth in health and comfort for a lifetime using the best and most cost effective methods available.

You can obtain additional information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease at the web site for the American Academy of Periodontology.