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A key to implant success is the amount and quality of bone where an implant needs to be placed. If bone is lost in a critical area due to periodontal disease or previous tooth loss, procedures need to be done to create adequate bone to place dental implants. Dr. Karp has extensive experience in these advanced procedures so that patients can get the results they are looking for.


In some situations bone grafting can be done around existing teeth to regain lost support and stop bone loss from periodontal disease.


Some techniques and materials we are now incorporating to enhance the outcome of bone grafting and regenerative procedures include:

  • Use of platelet rich fibrin, a bioactive modifier that greatly enhances the outcome of bone grafting and regenerative procedures. Obtained from the patient’s own blood, it is cost effective, easy to gather and very effective.
  • Use of a piezo surgical unit that helps to make procedures better and more efficient for patients


You can learn more about bone grafting at the following web sites: